STALKER (6D Magnetic Eyelash Extension)


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    STALKER is one of our 6D Series Magnetic Eyelash Extensions. Our LASHFIDENCE by Kosmetics Kloset gives you that extra CONFIDENCE you need, wherever you may find yourself!

    6D lashes are the most popular mink eyelashes on the market currently,High Cost-effective, best 3D effect, ultra-natural looking,lightweight and comfortable,no deformation after washing,multiple wears(25-30 times), It’s 100% human hair, cruelty-free, long-lasting and very easy on the eyes.

    They come with SIX Magnets & the SIX tiny magnets come with SIX tiny anchors which makes the Lashes very easy to wear without a glue & also note if you dont want to use the anchors, the SIX tiny magnets on each band cling to our MAGNETIC 2 in 1 LASH GLUE & EYELINER, which provides a very strong hold, that is stronger than any normal lash glue!

    Own it, Kween !!!


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